Factors Affecting Human Intelligence

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Factors affecting the human intelligence Factors affecting the human intelligence Nature and nurture play a significant role in determining the life of people with regard to their intelligence level. Intelligence is the unique way in which a person can be able to come into an understanding of problems mentally, respond to them and replicate the surrounding he exists. Human intelligence is determined by two main factors which have caused great debate for years. These two factors are the environmental also known as the external factors and the genetic factors also referred to as the internal factors. Scientists have been arguing for centuries about which particular factor influences the human intelligence. Some scientists believe that both the environmental and genetic factors influence the human intelligence, but are currently having a debate on which factors has significant impact. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the relationship between intelligence and the internal and external factors influencing it. Genetic factors are hereditary and are transferred to offspring through their parents. Various experiments have been carried out to determine whether if it is true about the internal factors having an influence on the intelligence of human beings. The outcomes of these studies have been positive, showing that genetics have some influence on the level of intelligence (Hughes and Cutting, 1999). The major experiment that proved existence of this relationship is
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