Factors Affecting Labor Productivity And Their Affect Levels Essay

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Q1. Factors affecting Labor productivity and their affect levels? Ans. The Factors that can affect the labor productivity are discussed below:- 1. Overtime is the major factor that can affect the productivity rate. Planning of expanded work days or weeks surpassing a standard eight-hour work day or 40-hour work week brings down work yield and productivity through physical weariness and poor mental demeanor. 2. Joint ownership: - This happens when work is booked using a similar office or work range that must be shared or possessed by more than one specialty, and not foreseen in the first offer or plan. 3. Beneficial occupancy:- This is an aftereffect of working over, around, or in nearness to different specialties, proprietor 's faculty, or generation hardware, which may bring about commotion confinements, tidy, or different risky hazard. This may likewise forestall or cause get to limitations. 4. Errors and Omissions:- Increments in errors and omissions affect on work profitability since changes are then ordinarily performed on a crash premise, out of grouping, cause weakening of supervision, or whatever other negative effects. 5. Crew size inefficiency: - This is the point at which the ideal group size is modified by including or erasing team individuals. At the point when specialists are included or erased from a group, it separates the first collaboration and beat of the team and results in loss of profitability. 6. Logistics:- Deficient or poor material handling,
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