Factors Affecting Motivation in Public Organizations

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Factors affecting motivation in public organizations
Project Report

Factors affecting motivation in public organizations
Project Report

Motivation in Public Organisations
Motivation is known as important as other factors for achieving the organisational goals. The high motivation led the employees to the extreme commitment with the organisation goals. Similarly high employee motivation leads to greater employee creativity and productivity, in this survey it has been found that the two independent variables, which are quality supervision and participation, are positively related to the dependent variable, motivation. The participation has a strong
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Similarly the dissatisfying or the extrinsic factors like company policies, salary, co-worker relations, supervisor relationship and job security etc. feels the employee dissatisfied and less motivated. In the same management guide it has been clearly mentioned that the perceived inequality has been shown to lead to low motivation. It has also been pointed in the guide that by investing the time will provide opportunities to employee motivation.

Porter and miles (1974) proved that the motivation energises, directs and sustains behaviour. They also identified four factor/variables namely individual characteristics, job characteristics, work environment and the external environment. If motivation is to be affected, one or more of these variables must be changed or affected.

Also, government middle managers have higher needs for achievement and lower needs for affiliation than did their business counter parts, but their needs for power may roughly the same.

Rawls et al (1975) have found that standards about to enter government sector were significantly more dominated and flexible. They had higher capacity for status and economic wealth. Many researches indicate that public managers experience significantly lower levels of satisfaction and motivation than do their counterparts in the business.

The quality supervision is an important factor for motivation. Some papers have reported employees’ perception of lower supervisory quality in the public that
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