Factors Affecting People 's Health And Health Experiences Essay

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Place is an important factor in determining people’s health and health experiences (Karunanayake et al., 2015) and the neighborhood is vital because it directly impacts the lives of people living there. Saskatoon low income neighborhoods are significantly different in income status, education, employment status, and poverty in comparison to affluent neighborhoods as well as the rest of Saskatoon. The low income neighborhoods in Saskatoon have a high population of residents with an average household income of approximately $40,000 compared to about $84,000 for the entire city (Fuller, Engler-Stringer, & Muhajarine, 2015) (Cooper, 2014) and these neighborhoods are also referred to as the “core neighborhoods”.
Saskatoon’s core neighborhoods including communities of King George, Meadow Green, Pleasant Hill, Riversdale and Westmount (National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health, 2015) consist of a disproportionate proportion of the most vulnerable populations to poverty. Hence, Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) defines its population by using a measure of neighborhood residence and includes Aboriginal status in its analyses (Morrison, 2011) because, First Nations, Métis, and ethnic minorities majorly occupy the low income neighborhoods (Cessna, 2014). Although Saskatoon’s Aboriginal population are becoming more disperse in their place of residence, a significant number of Aboriginal people reside in the core neighborhoods (Lotoski, Engler-Stringer, & Muhajarine, 2015).
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