Factors Affecting Social Networking Site

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DEDICATION To the Faculty and Staff of the College of Nursing, Manila Adventist Colleges To our family and friends for their unconditional love and support Thank you. The Researchers ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, we thank God, for giving us the strength, courage, guidance and faith that this research would be successful. Warmest gratitude to the following who contributed to the completion of this study: Dr. Ofelio Osorio, MAC Dean, College of Nursing (CON), for teaching and guiding us on how to do a research. Mrs. Mafel Falcatan, our adviser, for her patience, and knowledge shared on doing this study, for her meaningful insights, and constructive criticism. Mr. Berny Castillano, the statistician, thanks for…show more content…
What are the benefits and purpose of doing these activities? Why are social networking sites frequently used by students nowadays? The researchers’ goal is to address these questions and have an in-depth study with regards to those questions stated above. Students’ usage of social networking sites provides long-lasting insights to identity construction, social behavior and peer-to-peer interaction therefore studies such as this arises that found out the real perspective of students about social life. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study was to gain a personal understanding of what are the reasons of why most of teens are getting “addicted” to social networking sites, and how students are affected of this. This study is to put clearer understanding of the reasons why students spend most of their time on social networking sites and what are the benefits of this site for them. Significance of the Study The researchers determined the role of social networking sites on the social aspects of students. Guidance Counselors. This study will help the guidance counselors to be aware of the influences of social networking sites to the students in MAC. By informing them of this matter, they will be able to relate more with students and to give accurate advices to students that have problems involving SNS’s. School Administrators. This study will help the school administrators, like the guidance counselors, to be aware of the influences of
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