Factors Affecting Students Behavior

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THE FACTORS THAT AFFECT STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE A TERM PAPER PRESENTED TO MRS. R. VILLAHERMOSA STA. TERESA COLLEGE BAUAN BATANGAS IN PARTIAL FULLFILLMENT OF REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SUBJECT ENGLISH IV MARCH 2013 PENALOSA, GRACE MARIE D. MANALO ANTHONY CHRISTIAN ARETA ALLYZZA JOIE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This term paper would not be accomplished without the generous contributions of any individuals and organization. We are very much grateful to themfor their unlimited help and support. Above all, we express our gratitude toour lord godthe almighty, who aided us with his strength, gave us wisdom and patience to complete this term paper. Additionally, we thank our English teacher…show more content…
This study focuses on investigating the factors affecting their performance. The researcher adapted the Systems theory input-output model advanced by Ludwig Von Bertalanffy in the early 1950s. This theory, according to Koontz and Weirich (1988) postulates that an organized enterprise does not exist in a vacuum but is dependant on its external environment thus the enterprise receives inputs, transforms them and exports the output to the environment. In this study the university admits students (inputs) and then transforms them through teaching and learning which is reflected by the students’ academic performance (output). Many empirical studies are carried out to explore factors affecting college students’ performance. The focus of this research is that student performance in intermediate examination is associated with students’ profile consisted of his attitude towards attendance in classes, time allocation for studies, parents’ level of income, mother’s age and mother’s education. The research is based on student profile developed on the bases of information and data collected through survey from students of a group of private colleges. Public sector educational institutions are not the focus of this study. Statement of the Problem We will tackle here how these factors affect the student’s academic performance, and to understand the
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