Factors Affecting Study Habits

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Factors That Affect Academic Performance Among Pharmacy Students
Sujit S. Sansgiry, PhD, Monali Bhosle, MS, and Kavita Sail, MS
College of Pharmacy, University of Houston
Corresponding Author: Sujit S. Sansgiry, PhD. Address: Department of Clinical Sciences and Administration, College of Pharmacy, University of Houston, Texas Medical Center, 1441 Moursund Street, Houston TX 77030. Tel: 713-795-8392. Fax: 713-795-8383. E-mail: ssansgiry@uh.edu
Received February 3, 2006; Accepted April 14, 2006. Other Sections▼
The objective of this study was to examine factors such as academic competence, test competence, time management, strategic studying, and test anxiety, and identify whether these factors could distinguish
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Test competency is operationally defined as student's ability to manage and cope with the amount of study material for examinations and/or tests.3
Strategic studying techniques may help students achieve a high GPA. Strategic studying is defined as the knowledge and application of effective study skills or techniques by students.3 There are many efficient study techniques that could be used by students based on the learning environment.5,6 These study strategies include Know-Want-Learn (K-W-L),7 Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review (SQ3R),8 summarizing and note-taking,9,10 using graphics,11 and self-questioning.6 Extensive course loads and the comprehensive information covered in today's pharmacy curricula necessitate the use of effective study strategies for academic success.12
Time management skills are also important to academic success. Time management has been defined as clusters of behavioral
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