Factors Affecting The Academic Success Of Students

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Introduction Student success is imperative on a national level, all the down to individual families. Parents have often wondered if their education level will affect the academic outcomes of their children. Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics stated, “the education level of a parent does affect a child’s achievement. Children whose mothers’ have at least a bachelor’s degree tend to participate in more early education experiences” (Centers for Public Education, 2011). As educators, the researchers wanted to identify what factors contribute to the academic success of students in high school.
The purpose of the study was to look at four factors that may affect students’ grades in high school. The four factors reviewed consisted of mothers level of education achieved, motivation, (based on an average of 6 scale questions) how much support a student received in the home, and students’ math grades. By identifying variables that contribute to student’s success in high school, parents, teachers, and community members can provide the support that leads to a students’ overall success. The researchers first wanted to see what literature and previous research had been conducted when it came to mother’s education, and other factors leading to student achievement.
Review of the Literature
There are several factors that can influence a student’s propensity for academic success. Previous research has been conducted to identify relationship between key…
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