Factors Affecting The Adoption Of E Banking

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The literature review shows the factors affecting the adoption of E-banking system and review of issues related with barriers and benefits of E-banking. This chapter presents the detail methodology, showing the logical frame work that discusses research purpose, research approaches, Research strategy, data collection and data analysis method (research method adopted). For the purpose of understanding, all the content of this chapter is arranged as follows: Section 3.1 shows an overview of the research methodology, the research purpose is presented in section 3.2 and followed by research approach in section 3.3. The research strategy and specific research method adopted are shown in section 3.4 and section 3.5 respectively. Finally the last section, section 3.6 presents summary of the overall methodology.
3.1. Overview of the methodology
Many researchers have written extensively on research methodology. The underlying factor in most studies on research methodology is that the selection of methodology is based on the research problem and stated research questions. Methodologies cannot be true or false, only more or less useful (Silverman, 2001). Nachamias et al. (1996) for instance states that methodologies are considered to be systems of explicit rules and procedures upon which research is based, and against which claims for knowledge are evaluated. Conducting any type of research should be governed by a well-defined research methodology based on scientific principles.
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