Factors Affecting The Air Pollution

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Air pollution occurs due to the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere. Emissions that are most often responsible for this menace include smoke, dust particles, and hydrocarbons. There has been an increase in air pollution within many regions around the world (Utell,Warren and Sawyer 157). However, urban environments tend to have higher levels of environmental pollution. One factor playing into this urban crisis is the existence of agents that develop pollutants in urban regions. Because metropolitan areas tend to be industrious and abundant in modes of transportation, emissions from factories and motor vehicles are constant in cities. Developing countries also suffer from this problem. They have inadequate regulations aimed to govern the disposal of hydrocarbons from factories and motorcades. The key factors playing into the air pollution in Quetta city, Pakistan, help provide an historical context and some background information. These factors are also associated with other noticeable components that perpetuate and exhaust this issue. Examining these contributing factors helps direct us to several proposed solutions. Such potential solutions include increasing the use of natural gas, developing manufacturing industries outside of the city, reducing the consumption of old automobiles while maximizing the consumption of newer ones, and raising public awareness on the issue of air pollution. The main issue that the city of Quetta faces is a high population of people.
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