Factors Affecting The Average Daily Revenue Essay

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Apart from the PFS staff members, there were others who gained access to the dashboard and had their own set of tools. Managers had their own “receivables dashboard and tools” (Souza & McCarty, 2007, pg. 69, para.4) and thus they were enabled to monitor adjustments, payments, revenue, and days for periods from the previous day and weeks to the 18 months of operation. It is important to calculate the average daily revenue and in the 30-day period. This tool enabled managers to do so and to assess their performance for the month to date. Thus, they would be in a position to estimate the likely results at the end of the month and assess all receivables and thus select any segment for quick analysis. The tool would be able to generate timely reports as demanded which includes the” age analysis. A/R stratification, discharged not final billed (DNFB) analysis” (Souza & McCarty, 2007, pg. 69, para.4). However, analysis of problem payers and credit balance analysis was made possible by this tool.
Thus, when California Sutter Health started the program with the front-end staff, it presented an opportunity to reduce the denials to claims. The process further allowed analysis of individual registration to be done by rules engine that could easily identify the potential problems before the patient exits the desk. The process was able to check for problems related to patient’s eligibility for the hospital services. These services did include the “workers’ compensation
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