Factors Affecting The Construction Industry Essay

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1.0 Introduction The construction industry much like other industries is dependant with the distribution of “scarce resources” (Drake,1994). Many of its resources known as the factors or production i.e. labour, capital, land etc. are limited (Gregory-Mankiw, 2008), however, wants and desires within the industry are infinite (Myers, 2013). Kishtainy notes that this creates two problems; at any given time, there will be a fixed number of resource, against numerous wants. Sloman 2003 adds that in an effort to rectify this, he argues that we must make choices, in terms of choices within the construction industry Myers suggested that firms need to considered their investments made, how they construct and for whom they construct for. UK Construction is directly effect by changes to the economy both domestic and foreign (Drake,1994) and is directly impacted by government policy (Myers, 2013). Sloman notes that output of the industry is a reflection of the demand, in this instance buildings and this in turn influences demand for other support services and products. Kishtainy notes that the Gross domestic product (GDP) can influence the demand for a service and determine the levels of employment within and industry. Drake (1994) and Myers (2013) indicate four underline principles that are the foundation to a construction firms; The Supply, the demand, the market and the business type. 1.1 Demand Sloman defines demand as; the volume desired by a client and depends on their
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