Factors Affecting The Criminal Justice System

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The point of this research paper is to inform readers about the key factors that contribute to crime rates and to inform readers that some of these factors are not controllable. Through intensive research, the researcher discovered that Hispanics and African Americans do not make up more than half of the population today but in the criminal justice system, they make up more than half combined. The main elements the researcher focused on were ethnicity, race, economic status, and personal life elements. Some of the personal life elements include their parent’s martial status and the involvement they have in their child’s life. At the end of the research process, the examiner can come to the conclusion that minorities have a strong number in…show more content…
However, whether it is a major felony or a minor misdemeanor, there is always a consequence that follows. Crucial aspects like race, ethnicity, economic level and prior actions affect criminal activity amongst different age groups. The Criminal Justice system exists because of adults and juveniles who decided to commit offenses that put society’s well being at stake or they decided to not follow the law that was set before them. However, minorities make up most of the convicted citizens and it’s something minorities have no control over. The Center for American Progress says, “According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists” (Sophia Kerby, The Top 10 Most Startling Facts, 2012). Based on past encounters, the assumption that African Americans and people of Hispanic descent will be present when crime occurs. African Americans make up less than half of society’s population but based on statistics, blacks make up more than half of the population of convicted men and women in federal prisons and state jails. The misinterpretations of racial assumptions are not only present among minorities that are adults but also among the youth. Not to say that Caucasian students are exempt from the poor choices they make but students of color face
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