Factors Affecting The Development And Education Of A Child

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The United states is considered to a be melting pot in terms of the sum of its members. This is primarily due to the different cultures that exist and have blended together within the society. Culture deals with the beliefs and practices of a people. Culture impacts educational beliefs, how a child learns and develops, as well as socioeconomic status. Socioeconomics impacts the resources and health of a child. These various factors impact the development and education of an individual. Therefore, this writer believes what an unknown author once quoted. It would be beneficial for educators to have an understanding that all students do not learn in the same way nor do they all obtain an understanding of information on the same day. Theorists such as Vygotsky have shown how culture impacts the way students learn. The bible talks about a tower of babel and how effective a people were when they had a common language. The effective teacher will seek ways to incorporate strategies in learning that promote a common language. Through researching strategies educators can incorporate effective practices to ensure that all students are learning. Understanding the relevance of culture and its significance on development and education is key to creating an effective learning environment. The effective learning environment and teacher will provide students with structure, strategies, and motivation through various means such as technology. The classroom is a community that reflects the
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