Factors Affecting The Field Of Human Resources For Health Essay

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• Introduction. Kenya is one of many African countries that are facing many problems in the field of human resources for health (HRH). Northern Kenya is the most affected area and thus it has the lowest rates of health professionals. Insufficient and uneven distribution of health workers is one of many major causes of the crisis, especially in rural areas. Also, high migration rates, poor working environment, low wages, and gender distribution are major factors for HRH crisis in Kenya. The population of Kenya is 43.2 million, whereas the labour market only covers 16.6 million health workers. The number of people entering the job market is very high, competing with 50,000 jobs. The rates of employment in Kenya are very low and the rates of female workers are lower than men (graph1). This paper will provide a brief overview of the HRH labour market in Kenya. This paper will look at the factors that caused problems in HRH as well as provide some recommendations that may help tackle some of the HRH problems in Kenya.

• The shortage and poor distribution of health workers in Kenya. As many countries in Africa, Kenya has a shortage of health care workers which in return affected the achievement of population health needs. Skilled and adequately supported human recourses are required for the delivery of health care on both individual and/or population levels. Kenya is one for many low-income countries which continuous to encounter problems in human resources for

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