Factors Affecting The Health Community

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Factors Affecting the Health Community in Fresno
There are many factors that affect health communities in California but looking at a specific community health, helps to focus on geographical areas rather than the people itself. Looking at the central valley and the specific area being Fresno, there are many factors that affect the overall community health. Health disparities such as ethnicity, culture, and community all play a huge role in not being healthy. As stated by the California HealthCare Foundation, Tu (2009, para 1), Fresno being a huge area and a population of 1.6 million people which accounts for almost 5% of the state’s population, getting an insight look on health communities will give a different perspective on overall health. As stated by Tu (2009, para 2), “Fresno is considered to be one of the poorest communities in California due to almost half the population has a family income below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.” Poor economy, lack of medical facilities and physicians, and poor health stress play a crucial role in affecting the overall community health of Fresno.
First of all, hospitals are facing poor and worse payer mix because almost all hospitals in Fresno are non-government district hospitals. The main hospital system in Fresno County is considered to be the Community Medical Centers and St. Agnes Medical Center, and when combined there are 1200 beds as stated by the California HealthCare Foundation, Tu (2009, para 5); which cannot…
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