Factors Affecting The Health Of Copper City 's Residents Essay

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Approximately 25% to 33% of the global burden of disease is due to environmental exposures, and environmental conditions are responsible for roughly one fourth of the preventable illness in the world (Clark, 2008, p. 229). There are many factors influencing the health of Copper City’s residents. They are as followed:
• Limited access to healthcare.
• Lack of resources to meet their needs.
• High percentage of the population is below the poverty level.
• Limited access to educational and career opportunities.
• Possible overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions.
• Language barrier.
• High rate of health illiteracy.
• Dangerous working conditions (for coal miners).
• No medical emergency response system.
Despite the lack of resources and horrible living conditions; the residents of Copper City have one good thing on their side: community involvement. I can assume that there is a decent level of involvement within the community because of the several churches in the community. It has been proven that rural communities are often characterized by a tendency for neighbors to help each other and religious affiliations can sometimes foster health practices (Clark, 2008, p. 355). Additionally the assessment committee is composed of several key informants (school principle, pastors, teachers, health care workers) of the community. These individuals can be very knowledgeable of the issues that this community face and be able to come up with great resolutions.
The residents
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