Factors Affecting The Homeless Epidemic Essay

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Different 4 There are a lot of factors that construe the homeless epidemic. Factors the contribute to homelessness includes job loss, divorce, domestic abuse, foreclosure of home, serious illness, mental and physical illness, substance abuse and even natural disasters all help to contribute to homelessness. Which shows it can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and even social class. Even with government regulations, there can occur a loss of financial sustainability by zoning regulations resulting in eminent domain over people’s properties when they have no place to go and with the high cost of housing either for purchase or to rent have skyrocketed. These people really do not have a choice but to be homeless. The homeless have become the hunters and gatherers of modern society. They feed themselves by begging, scavenging, and raiding garbage for (particularly that of restaurants) food. (Kottak p234) Even when factories relocate to other countries where labor is cheaper, cost families, their livelihood and for some that is the only job skill they have, these people would eventually become homeless if they cannot secure another job with the same or lower job skills that they possess. And also due to the fact that the migrants are being housed first and been providing care over U.S. citizens with this current administration. The Obama Administration has made it very clear that it will use any resources available to do “what’s in the best…
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