Factors Affecting The Metabolism Before Information Bearing Compounds Like Rna

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In addition, this theory focuses on building the metabolism before information bearing compounds like RNA, while other theories focus on creating an RNA world first. However, the idea that hydrothermal vents were the hatchery of life can be compatible for both theories. Similar to how the micro-compartments in the vents could have concentration chemicals needed for metabolism to arise, the micro-compartments could have also concentrated products needed for organic synthesis of primitive genetic material (Joyce G.F. 2002). Some RNA world theories were criticized because the chemicals in the ocean would be in too low of a concentration to react readily. Therefore, using hydrothermal vents as a concentrating mechanisms would provide concentrations needed to help endergonic reactions proceed (Martin et al. 2008). To further our understanding of how life could have arisen and the constraints for life, we need to look beyond our planet. A logical choice would be to look at icy worlds that have a similar oceanic climate to the Hadean Ocean. Recent data obtained by the Cassini spacecraft point to Enceladus as a possible location to answer these questions. In 2005, the Cassini spacecraft discovered plumes of water vapor, salts and ice ejected from Saturn’s moon Enceladus. This plume was sodium-salt rich and the liquid water showed evidence of having been in contact with rock surfaces (Postburg et al. 2009,2011). In addition to water vapor, salts, and ice, dust particles were also

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