Factors Affecting and Driving the Strategic Positioning of Easyjet

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Introduction The airline industry is one that has rapidly evolved both with regards to technology and product offerings. This paper argues that technological advancements, deregulation and competitive pricing and marketing strategies are what have driven change in regards to both Easy Jet airlines. Segmentation, targeting and positioning have also played a profound role within the evolution of the industry. Many companies, particular those that are broad based have experienced difficulties from more niche players. Low cost producers such as JetBlue and Southwest have developed targeted strategies that cater to a specific market. The paper goes on to explain how each of these factors affects and drives the strategic positioning of Easy Jet. Deregulation occurred to increase competition; competition in turn affects innovation in marketing and pricing as well as technology, yet this process has no specific order with regards to where the change starts as innovation and competition, can then affect the way the market is regulated (Morrison, 1995). The document first begins with a comprehensive industry analysis which discusses pricing changes and segmentation within the market. Yet with the advent of the Internet, brick and mortar travel agencies became basically obsolete as more and more passengers began choosing the cheaper online alternative. This new technology cut out the middleman, and also allowed airline industries to diminish their own costs by diminishing personnel,

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