Factors And Causes Of Population Ageing In The United States

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Population Ageing is a growing phenomenon across the entire world; throughout various different societies. Although the United States is not the most rapidly growing country in this aspect in comparison to other countries like Japan or Italy, a large number of “baby boomer” citizens are still thriving in the United States to this day. There are many factors and causes that contribute to demographic shifts in the United States population. The aging of its citizens is one that is particularly apparent due to its effects on its society socially and economically. There are many causes to this circumstance as well as repercussions if it is not identified and acted on accordingly by the United States as a whole. As the united states becoming an aging population, expected to have more and more numbers of older adults and elderly, two main factors contribute. The united states census predicts that in 2050 the number of people in the population being over 65 years of age, will double, predicting an increase from 43.1 million in 2012 to 83.7 million by the year 2050. A big role of age rates in any population is mortality and birth rates. The amount of people born and dying, and their ages, greatly affects how population age will either grow, decrease, or stay consistent. In the case of the united states growing population it can be seen that the mortality and birth rates are strongly correlated with the aging population. The mortality rate of those who are already born is a main
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