Factors Associated With Stress Among Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

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Factors Associated with Stress among Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren is a journal article by Roberta Sands and Robin Goldberg-Glen. In this article a cross-sectional study took place of 129 grandparents raising grandchildren to examine the extent to which social support are related to the grandparent’s stress. Situations such as parental substance abuse, physical and mental illness, imprisonment and abuse and neglect of children lead to grandparents becoming surrogate parents. Grandparents and great-grandparents older than 50 that identified themselves as the primary caregivers of one or more grandchild were sought out. A primary caregiver was viewed as one who provided care to a grandchild living in the same household on a daily basis. There were many problems in the homes of the grandchildren 's parents that led to the grandparents ' getting custody of their grandchildren. The results points to substance abuse as the most common factor, but the parent 's inability to care for the child, neglect, and psychological and financial problems were also prevalent. The findings of this study support the need for clinical services for grandparent-headed families. Because lack of Family Cohesion was associated with psychological anxiety, grandparents, their adult children, and grandchildren might benefit from family therapy aimed at improving the quality of their family relationships. The findings of this study also indicate that there is a

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