Factors Contributing For Public Organizations

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3 Contributing Factors of Corruption in Public Organizations

The contributing factors of corruption refer to that some aspects can increase the degree of corruption under the same condition of other aspects. These factors are various, this part will concentrate on two factors: the scale of public organizations; the gap between revenue and expenditure of fulfilling responsibility.

3.1 The Scale of Public Organizations

The operation of public organizations need to spend considerable amounts of financial and material support (Dixit, 1997). The administrative expenditure of government covers everyday expenses (the payment of payroll and office expenses) and capital expenditures (the procurement of office supplies and the build of public
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Meanwhile, with the expanding scale of government, the number of supervisory unit should increase in order to avoid the abuse of power. Ultimately, the cost of supervision need to increase.

In conclusion, the administrative spending will increase with the expanding scale of government. It supposes that the government revenue is lawful incomes, which means that lawful incomes can be legally used as administrative spending. Following cases will occur: the government will continue functioning if the government revenue is greater than the expenditure under the current conditions; the government cannot afford the additional social and public welfare undertakings if the government revenue is equal to the government spending under the current conditions, but the public officials can still maintain their normal salaries and welfare; if the government revenue is less than the government expenditure and the government generated the financial deficit, there are three solutions: firstly, the government can cut down the number of workforce, thus the benefits of some public officials will be influenced; secondly, the government can reduce the benefits of each public official, this solution is difficult to implement because it will damage the legitimate interests of every public official; or the government will cut down expenses on public utilities. In the light of the definition of corruption, the last choice belongs to corrupt behaviors. Likewise, the last choice
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