Factors Contributing to College Drop Outs Essay

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Majority of the richest people in America are college drop outs. Success in life is not always followed by an educational degree, but most employers require it. An educational degree leads to a career that can be perennial. Moreover being uneducated leads to a job that can be replaced by any one and can evaporate quickly. The economy maintains success by relying on people with a required occupation. The population is continuously growing, not everyone in society has an income. The people who are without an income are supported by those that do. The percentage of the unemployed is greater than the employed so, the economy can not elevate. College drop outs seem to be a part of the economic downfall. Many causes lead to a student dropping …show more content…
Students become under pressure trying to excel in the class. Consequently, students do not pass their classes and they can not afford to retake the class. In college, money is an issue for many students. “For many, the financial burdens of college are too overwhelming, and many dropouts cite a lack of money as the number one reason why they left school, according to ACT” (Whitbourne). The economy is struggling and so are students. “Now that the economy has weakened, undergraduates have been left grasping for ways to fill the budget gaps in the most difficult financial climate in decades” (“Crisis”). Student loans are hard to get because the economy is suffering. Students sometimes become in financial debt due to student loans and struggle to pay them back. Many students have multiple responsibilities such as: children, homes, and cars they have to provide income to support. In addition to financial problems, students are often distracted in college. Concentration is very important in college. To succeed in class, students have to focus on their work however, they do not. “ Students forget to focus on what lies ahead: Challenging academics, living away from home, learning time management skills, and taking responsibility for their own lives” (whitbourne). When students go to college they are unsupervised by their parents. The social party life begins for many for the first
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