Essay on Factors Contributing to Poverty

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Factors Contributing to Poverty

There are many factors that aid the prevalence of poverty. Firstly, it is difficult to assess these causes because the word ‘poverty’ can be very subjective and difficult to define. In attempting to define what poverty is, one would suggest having a lack of income and resources not consistent with the requirements of the poverty line. Three factors that play major roles as causes of poverty would be having a lack of education, systemic discrimination, and inequities based on a capitalist system. This paper will look at ways in which these causes can be combated and at the same time evaluated in regards to it’s positive and negative aspects.

Education has long been a problem in society,
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If a person lacks the necessary resources to compete in this free enterprise, they will surely become failures and live under the poverty line. In this type of economic system it becomes a race for dominance and survival of the fittest, thus creating a major gap between the successful in society and the unsuccessful. Overall, poverty in Canada can definitely be attributed to capitalism among many other things.

Education, or the lack of, is a major problem in our society that is a major factor of poverty. A solution to this, although communist in nature, could be free education after high school. This would help level the playing field and give opportunities for anyone, regardless their credit history a fair opportunity to receive an education.
Implementing this system could help people who dropped out of school at an early age to go back for better schooling and skill training so that they can compete in the workforce for jobs that otherwise would not have been available for them. Also, a reduction in class sizes at the high school level could allow for more personal guidance from teachers to students that may be struggling and contemplating dropping out of school.

Systemic discrimination is an underlying fault of a capitalist system that is a major cause of poverty. To combat this problem, programs similar to affirmative action based on meeting gender and racial
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