Factors Contributing to the Collapse of the Confederacy

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The Civil War was one of the events that changed the course of American history forever. It tore the nation apart causing Americans to fight against each other, pitting brothers and friends alike against one another. The war was the bloodiest every to happen in American history. There are many possible reasons on why the Confederacy lost the Civil War to the Union. There were the differences of the economies between the North and the South, the Union’s blockade of Confederate ports, their military man power and leadership, and the government and its leadership. During the war the North and the South seemed to be polar opposites based on their economies. The North was more urban oriented and “took advantage of the Industrial Revolution”…show more content…
Items in the North that were taken for granted were difficult to come by in the South. The families had a difficult time providing for their families in making simple meals. The military seemed to be the only advantage the Confederacy did have but it did not last very long and even it had it weak points. The average infantry man in the Confederacy was better than their counterparts in the Union, they were better oriented in use a firearm and also they knew of the terrain in which they were fighting in, but the Confederate troops did not have the necessary or adequate equipment and supplies required for their battles. The population factored in the military might of each army. The Confederacy was at a disadvantage with how small the population was in the South. The South had approximately 9,000,000 people, not including slave population, while the North had a staggering population of around 22,000,000. In most confrontations the North had more casualties than the South, but the casualties taken by the South took up a larger percentage of its armed forces. With such a large difference it wasn’t long before the South was overwhelmed by the large forces of the North. The Confederate soldiers also didn’t always have the necessary uniform or other clothing materials. In some severe cases, entire units would march in to battle without shoes or other garments. After battles were over the Southern soldiers would steal the shoes of dead Northern troops.
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