Factors Contributing to the Poor Education of Minorities

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For centuries, America has wondered why minority students consider rhyming and playing basketball more important than receiving a proper education. The theme of my research is to discover why there is such a vast educational achievement gap between minority and Caucasian students. Many Americans are aware that a educational gap exists among today’s students but they do nothing to bring attention to it. This proposal will inform one of alarming statics that are affecting the welfare and future of minority students. For example, African American students representing a majority of the special education population but they only make up 40% of the student population. My research will also tackle key events that contributed to the mediocre education that minority children are currently receiving. For example, in the past, it was illegal to educate African Americans and when it became legal, blacks were treated as second class citizens and placed in impoverished school districts ( Billing, P. 33). African Americans were segregated from their white counterparts and given used textbooks. They were also beaten and murdered for attempting to seek a proper education. This research will analyze factors that are contributing to the poor education of minority students such as moral principles, socio-political, economic status, and racism. It is the year 2014, the amount of time that has past is tremendous but today’s schools are similar to the ones from the past. Minority children are

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