Factors Determining The Form Of Legal Business Entity

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Factors Considered In Deciding the Form of Legal Business Entity
When starting a new business, it is very important to decide the form of legal entity which may be appropriate based on a number of factors. The legal entity can be sole proprietorship, partnerships (general and limited liability partnerships), limited liability companies, or corporations. One of the most important factors to consider when deciding the appropriate form of legal business entity is complexity. If one has limited capital and wishes to start a simple business unit, then sole proprietorship is the most appropriate. The second factor is the need for protection from the risk of liabilities. If the new business operates in a volatile industry where it is possible to experience huge financial losses, then a limited liability company or partnership can be considered appropriate. The ease of formation is another factor. It is easy to form a sole proprietorship as opposed to other forms of businesses. The issue of taxation may also influence the form of business entity that a person or group of people may choose. The aim is always to minimize tax as much as possible. According to Chiappinelli (2006), another important factor that should always be considered is the ease with which capital can be raised. It is easier to raise capital in limited liability companies or in corporations than it is in sole proprietorship.
i. Taxation of various forms of business entity
In sole proprietorship, the business entity
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