Factors Effecting Employee Motivation

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Factors Affecting Employee Motivation—What Management Needs To Know

Employee motivation plays a critical role in employee performance and productivity. There are many factors that can affect this motivation, both positively and negatively. The purpose of this paper is to explain in detail the underlined factors that affect motivation and to through research provide evidence that will support my belief in how more effective employees are if they have the right motivation to perform. Also showing how motivation can increase performance as well as overall productivity of employees. These things will be key in management and the way they motivate their employees.

Factors Affecting Employee Motivation—What Management Needs To Know
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We as people are guilty of always dreaming of what it would be like if we had more money to be able to do all of the things we can’t afford to do. We look at money as an opportunity for an improved lifestyle. For the employer it is also something that is easy to do because it requires little effort on the part of the manager. Even though pay increases and bonuses would be great and for the easy for the organization to give to increase employee motivation is can have its downfalls. If people are motivated for the opportunity to receive a bonus then this is all that they work for. The problem occurs when that organization is not in a position to be able to give the bonuses any more. Then you end up with a person that is even less motivated than what you probably started with. If money was the only factor motivating the employee and now you take that away now the employee has no reason to do the best possible work because there is not pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most likely you now have a very disgruntle employee. Pay increase and promotions can produce the same problems in the end. Pay increases at some point will have to end unless your employees will end up running the organization and taking the job of the management. It is good to promote and give pay increases with those promotions but like bonuses they will have to come to an end sometime. If you are using this for an incentive to do better
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