Factors For Why People Migrate

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1....unique because the Mongols did not necessarily need to expand their territories as much as they did. The Mongols were experienced nomads; with few geographic or climactic "push" factors to drive them out of their central Asian formative homelands. Success in conquest became a significant push factor, driving the increasingly powerful Hordes under Chinggis Khan toward new territories. The pull factors for Mongol imperialism were therefore directly related to the push factors. As the empire grew, there may have been some climactic and geographic issues impacting the nomadic tribes in the newly conquered territories. However, most likely the Mongols were pulled far and wide due to the Mongols being enthusiastically militaristic and curious about how far the empire could expand. 2. The Empire of the Great Khans with its formative hub in north-central Asia would expand in nearly every cardinal direction. Trade routes spanned three continents, from the boundaries of East Asia to the boundaries of Western Europe and Northern Africa. Mongol trade routes extended from Southeast Asia to the Iberian Peninsula. The Mongols too advantage of the Maritime Trade System that extended from the Indonesian archipelago around the entire Bay of Bengal and South China Sea, through the entire Khmer Empire, past Thailand and Burma, around the entire Indian subcontinent, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian peninsula, almost the entire East coast of Africa, throughout the entire Mediterranean,
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