Factors In Decreasing The Risk Of Obesity

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Decreasing the Risk of Obesity Aidrea M. Ford Grand Canyon University: HLT-550 August 2, 2017 Decreasing the Risk of Obesity One of the leading health indicators identified by HealthyPeople2020 is nutrition, physical activity, and obesity (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2017). These factors are important to living a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition combined with a healthy body weight and physical activity is key to decreasing the risk of developing serious health conditions (ODPHP, 2017). These behaviors are important to people of different ages. Children that do not eat healthy and are inactive are more likely to remain that way as an adult will increase the risk of developing serious health…show more content…
As a result, most of those Americans have become obese. An estimated 34% of adults and 16% of children have been reported to have been obese (ODPHP, 2017). Obesity is a major risk factor and is related to many health conditions. These conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes which is one of the leading causes of death (ODPHP, 2017). In order to decrease the health risk associated with obesity, it is important to identify the determinants that may be causing the behaviors that led to obesity. Healthy People 2020 has identified several determinants that have impacted an individual’s nutrition and physical activity. They include age, gender, race and ethnicity, educational level, and socioeconomic status (ODPHP, 2017). These environmental factors have an enormous impact of an individual. Most commonly, socioeconomic status, education level, and the availability of healthy food will influence a community greatly. For example, in rural populations may experience lower educational levels, incomes, and limited access to services (McNaughton et al., 2012). Those in the populations may not be aware of what they should be eating or the amount of exercise they should be getting. Others may have the knowledge of what is recommended but cannot afford it. This is the case
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