Factors Influence Consumer Adoption Of Dropbox

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FACTORS INFLUENCE CONSUMER ADOPTION OF AIRBNB ABSTRACT The terms “sharing economy” are used to describe a fascinating new economy and social phenomenon. They refer to markets for the sharing of products and services between individuals. From the beginning, we’ve been sharing things for thousands of years. With neighbours lending each other food, borrowing tools and allowing friends to stay whenever they needed a place to crash. This isn’t a new thing and with new technology, the sharing economy is enabling this human trait to grow and enable both local and international transactions. Today, there are thousands of sharing economy websites which will give us the option to share almost anything. For example, say you have a spare room for a…show more content…
What is new is the scale in which these can now take place. The new online social networking platform allow exchanges not only between friends and neighbours, but between complete strangers, from different parts of the world. A new report from PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) has revealed that the five key sharing economy sector could generate £9 billion of UK revenues by 2025. While revenues across the globe could rise from USD 15 billion to USD 335 billion in the same time frame, as the sharing economy continues its stunning rise. These key sectors – peer-to-peer finance, online staffing, peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing and music/video streaming – are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Economist Robert Vaughn believe that the economy is showing no sign of slowing down. Vaughn explains, “the sharing economy is a result of a long term megatrends colliding together, driven mainly by advances in technology, resources scarcity and social change. Over the next decade, our analysis highlights the potential for significant value to be created by five of its prominent sectors, playing an ever pronounces role in the commercial landscape. USD 15 billion of global revenues in this five sharing sectors today could rise to well over USD 300 billion by 2025. But achieving this potential will require important regulatory and competitive challenges to be overcome” This (sharing economy) has been formalised into the business

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