Factors Influence Population at Both a Local and Global Scale.

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Population in the world is not evenly distributed thanks to myriads of factors. Take Eurasian Plate and Antarctic Plate as example, the Eurasian Plate is much more densely populated than the Antarctic Plate. Even in a country, population is not evenly distributed too. The factors which influence population at both a local and global scale will be elucidated as follow. There are over ten major factors affecting population density. For the physical factors, low land which is flat (e.g. Ganges Valley) is densely populated while high land with rugged relief and high plateau is sparsely populated (e.g. Himalayas). Areas rich in resources (e.g. minerals, oil, wood, fishing etc.) tend to tend to have higher population density (e.g. Western…show more content…
The eastern part of the plateau around Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte and the east coast are densely populated since several natural harbors became ports and thus encouraged trade and the growth of industry. Being the second capital of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro is being developed as an economic, cultural and administrative centre and its population density is become higher. Sao Paulo is regard as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world also become more and more densely populated as it had high levels of federal investment, a good communications network are developed and modern services are provided consequently. Lastly, Brasilia, the new federal capital of Brazil, is also densely populated due to government planning (the government try to redress the imbalance in population density and wealth between the south-east of the country and the interior. In conclusion, all of the aforementioned physical and human factors contribute to the unevenly distribution of population at both a local and global scale. Places with favorable physical and human factors for human living and economic development will attract people living in and vice

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