Factors Influencing A Person 's Political Views

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A lot of factor influences a person’s political views. A person is influenced by a lot of things that make them able to take the political stance at a point of life. As an individual, he walks through the pace of long life to understand the values and beliefs that he has been hearing since childhood. Sometimes it is really hard for one to decide what political party he wants to support, at that time he can take the suggestion from his family, friends, media and online quizzes.
The process through which a person develops political beliefs and opinions that influence their behavior in social spheres is known as political socialization. It is the way in which a person gets his attitude and belief about politics. Political
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Political ideology is a more or less consistent set of views as to the policies the government ought to pursue. People around the world, at some point, obtain a political ideology in their lifetime. American politics functions largely in the middle of the political spectrum as a contest between liberals and conservatives. Liberals believe the government has an important place both as a regulator in the public interest and to assist those with lower incomes. On the other hand, they still oppose government intervention in matters of personal autonomy. Conservatives feel there is too much government interference, particularly at the federal level, in the economy. This belief translates into calls for lower taxes, reduced spending on social programs, and deregulation. Perhaps because most Americans see themselves as moderates, politicians find it difficult to stay within the ideological boundaries of liberalism or conservatism. Many stress their credentials as fiscal conservatives while taking liberal positions on social issues. Others take a populist line, embracing active governmental intervention in both economic and cultural spheres. Upon taking the online quiz, the website told me that I was 82% social democrat, 52% conservative, 50% libertarian, 48% fascist or radical right and 48% communist or radical left. Overall, I was a liberal who believe in the role of government to fight
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