Factors Influencing Customer Retention Towards Room Services

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In managing the business which provides pure services to the customer, company need to ensure that the service delivered is meeting with expectation and satisfied the customer. The quality of services is considered to be a critical success factor for the service companies. Service is close conceptual as well as empirical link to customer satisfaction turned it into the core marketing instrument, making it the most researched area in services marketing (Fisk et al., 1995; Bolton et al., 2000). In addition, the accumulated research has linked positively the service with profitability (Fornell, 1992). It is very important to retain the customer. But, nowadays, the service provider needs to identify other factors
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There are Human Resources Department, Account Department, Sales & Marketing Department, Food & Beverage Department, Housekeeping Department, Front Office Department, Maintenance Department, Kitchen Department and lastly Security Department. Swiss Inn Sungai Petani has 101 rooms which provide restful havens and the ultimate in modern day comforts. Beside that, Swiss Inn also equipped with contemporary amenities, 21 suite rooms which come with private Jacuzzi and a health central with sauna which guaranteed to alleviate stress. Furthermore, there also other facilities includes 2 tennis courts, squash court and also tennis tables for it customers and guests while they are staying there. The most popular facilities provided in Swiss Inn Sungai Petani are swimming pool. Then, this hotel also provided a gymnasium for their customer who are care about keeping their fitness and health. For the conferences or seminars purpose, the customers can take pleasure in any of their 12 well equipped function rooms named on flower like ORCHID, HIBISCUS, BOUGAINVILLEA, LILY, TULIP, BLOSSOM, DAHLIA, CARNATION, LOTUS, IXORA, and JASMINE. Besides that, they also has elegant ballroom which comes complete with a stage, perfects for hosting wedding receptions, banquets and even performing arts. For dining pleasure, the customers and guests can head to The Garden

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