Factors Influencing Deviant Or Criminal Behavior

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In previous summaries it was discussed that there are numerous theories that attempt to explain criminal behavior including biological, psychological, social, economic etc. These theories share a common understanding that there are factors influencing deviant or criminal behavior that predispose some individuals to aggressive, violent or criminal behavior. While these theories give a convincing argument that crime is caused by biological, psychological, social and economic factors. They tend to focus on one train of thought and excluding other factors that play a major role in crime causation. This often results in limited understanding of a phenomena and can cause one to miss the “big picture.” In this summary, it is argued that people are not born good or bad, instead, they learn to be good or bad based on their surrounding environment and their definition of the situation.
No one is immune to deviant or criminal behavior. In fact, one can argue that we are all criminal. We have all been guilty of breaking the law at one point or another in life. What separates us from other criminals is the fact that we were not caught or labelled as such. The line between deviant or criminal and noncriminal behavior is very thin. Everyone has the potential to become a criminal, but most are controlled by the bond to society (Hirschi, 1969). As argued by social learning theories, individuals learn criminal behavior through observation and interactions with others. This goes without
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