Factors Influencing Food Choices Of Consumers And Food Companies From Using Soybeans Food Materials

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commonly described as ‘bitter’, ‘rough’ and ‘dry mouth feel’. Such characteristics minimises consumers and food companies from using soybeans in food materials. Multiple test methods are required in order to investigate what consumers desire. A consumer preference testing allow researchers to identify which sample are most preferred or least preferred. However, a descriptive testing is require to investigate what flavours are present in the sample in order evaluate those that are disliked or liked. Various studies has been conducted to see which samples of soy products are preferred by consumers, as well as an descriptive tests to identify those sensory flavour and aroma that are undesirable. These combination of methods informs effectively to manufactures what flavours of soy products would be most accepted to consumers. Understanding factors influencing food choices of consumers from various cultures is a profound aspect in product development. Individuals’ preferences for sensory characteristics in food; such as texture, taste and odour are suggested to be a very complex aspect. Other non-sensory factors can also affect consumers food choices, such as the individuals past exposure to the food, price, their expectation and attitudes, ethical concerns and health claims of the food. These factors may largely affect consumers evaluation of products and should be considered when analysing the data. Literature review Lipoxygenase enzyme Various properties of soybeans
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