Factors Influencing How Children Behave And Act

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Terence Garvin English 4, 2nd A January 20, 2015 Mr. Cohen Senior Project The key factor in determining how children behave and act is a result of the environment in which they grow up in. Seemingly unimportant as it may seem, the environment has a dramatic influence on adolescents, witnessing improper or deviant behavioral traits can be critical towards their personality. Children are open minded and observe what goes on around them then imitate what the actions. Whether it is a physical or verbal exhibition children tend to pay close attention to things that are relatively new. "As children interact with their environment, they learn problem solving skills, Critical thinking skills, and language skills" according to (www.gdrc.org). The environment and economy status affect how people mature in life. Environment consists of family, teachers, school, city, media, and other sources where information can be acquired. Information is necessary to achieve numerous accomplishments throughout life. If the environment in which the child depend on function in a manner that reprehend the best possible level of knowledge for the child, it is possible they may seek out other sources in their community to obtain it. For example if a child with married parents has a family with divorced parents receive more lavish objects they might ask if their parents could get a divorce. An environmental challenge for a child would be if they were raised in a financially challenged family. This is a
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