Factors Influencing Hpv Acceptability Among Parents

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Factors influencing HPV Acceptability among parents Deepthi Nannapaneni California State University Long Beach Background Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States. HPV belong to a family of viruses that cause cell changes in the epithelia resulting in benign skin lesions called warts and verrucae. Type 6 and 11 cause warts and are included under the low risk HPVs,Types 16,18,31,33,45 cause cervical cancer and are included under high risk HPVs(CDC,2014). The virus affects the skin and mucous membrane especially of the reproductive organs. Cervical Cancer and other Ano-genital cancers are seen in women with persistent genital HPV infection. HPV that affects the…show more content…
Acceptability is the dependent variable and awareness and knowledge of HPV is taken as independent variable for the study. It also investigates the influence of factors like Race & Ethnicity, safety issues and provider recommendations on intent to vaccinate children. Previous research on HPV acceptability was focused on identifying at risk population and implementing strategies to promote the benefits of the vaccine. Questions regarding safety concerns and adverse events remain unanswered for the parents there by getting a confident approval from them is a daunting task. This study examines the knowledge, attitudes and practices of parents that mould their decisions to get their children vaccinated. Significance of the problem HPV Virus is responsible for more than 70% of vulvar and vaginal cancers and 90% of cervical and anal cancers.Statistics reveal 33,200 HPV related cancers are reported in the United States each year(CDC,2014). There is no treatment for HPV virus infections as the natural immunity will clear the virus from the body over time. However there are ways to prevent the infection by preventive measures like condoms and vaccines to prevent cervical cancer in high risk individuals. There are two HPV vaccines mainly Gardasil and Cervarix which provide protection against HPV infection. HPV vaccines are recommended for boys and girls in the ages of 11 to 12 years as well as for
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