Factors Influencing Nurses For Clinical Nursing Practice

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Factors Influencing Nurses to Leave Clinical Nursing Practice In their article Why Are Nurses Leaving? Findings from an Initial Qualitative Study on Nursing Attrition, MacKusick and Minick (2010) outline a participatory case study using a phenomenological research design to identify factors that influence Registered Nurses (RNs) decisions to leave clinical nursing practice. This paper will examine the study using a qualitative critiquing approach. The information discovered will be used to determine whether the findings of the study have the rigor and credibility to be applied to the development of effective nursing-retention strategies. Ten non-practicing RNs were interviewed with the purpose of identifying and gaining insight directly from RNs who were no longer in clinical nursing practice in order to identify factors that influenced their decision to leave is clearly stated (MacKusick & Minick, 2010). . The phenomenon of interest is clearly identified and justification for using a qualitative method was to meet the researcher’s goal of gathering information from non-practicing RNs to gain a true knowledge of their experiences and identify factors that influenced their choice to leave clinical nursing practice. According to MacKusick and Minick (2010) the perceptions of the RNs were the focus of the research because no definitive research relating to interpretation existed. Therefore the researchers adequately addressed the population connected to the identified
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