Factors Influencing Personality

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INTRODUCTION Personality is a term that has many general meanings. Sometimes the word refers to the ability to get along well socially. For example, we speak of experiences or relationships, which are said to give a person “more personality.” The term may also refer to the most striking impression that an individual makes on other people. We may say, ‘she has a shy personality’. To a psychologist, personality is an area of study that deals with complex human behaviour, including emotions, actions, and cognitive (thought) processes. Psychologists study the patterns of behaviour that make individuals different from one another. The word personality is used not only in the field of psychology, but can be applied in most of the other…show more content…
But the all these elements put together are made to function in harmony which makes his personality. The conduct, behaviour, activities, movements and everything else concerning the individual are known as personality. It is the way of responding to the environment. The way in which an individual adjusts with the external environment is personality. Let us discuss the following points regarding the nature of personality. | Personality is the result of both heredity and environment: Heredity involves all those physiological and psychological peculiarities, which a person inherits from his parents. These peculiarities are transmitted to us through genes. It is indisputable that heredity determines the difference of sex and it is on this basis that some scientists contend that heredity determines personality because it is the difference of sex, which determines the personality of men and women. Environment has a very significant effect on man. Its effect starts from his birth and continues almost till his death. The status of the child, youth and the old man in the family and in the society is not same and as a result of this difference, a man’s roles, temperaments, ways of thinking, tendencies and character are affected; all these determine the personality of men and women. In the same way, the status of the person in places like school, occupation, social situation, etc. affects his personality. | | Personality is composed of
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