Factors Influencing Teenagers

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"Teenager" is the phrase used to refer to young people between the ages of 13 and 19. During this period, they start to undergo significant changes in terms of both physical and psychological development. It is also the phase when young people could be easily affected by the surrounding environment both positively and negatively. Of the factors influencing teenagers, family and friends are among the strongest ones, which are different from each other in the way they make their impacts on adolescents in terms of social relationships, behaviors, and career choice(CS). The first major distinction between the two factors lies the process of building teenagers' social relationships(TS). Fathers and mothers always want the best things for their beloved children, and it also seems that…show more content…
During this stage of development, teenagers begin to spend more time with friends; as a result(TE), they tend to imitate the way their peers behave, especially the unhealthy yet addictive ones such as drinking, smoking or using drugs for the purpose of self-expression (Spear & Kulbok, 2001) (C) (CS). Moreover(TE), when a member of a friend group starts to commit violence, it could lead to the other members joining him in bullying eventually(CS). On the other hand(TE), family, especially parenting styles, plays an essential role in eliminating or discouraging such bad behaviors(CS). Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health shows that the physical presence of parents at home and the family support assist in reducing the possibility of teenagers using drugs (Resnick et al., 1997) (C). Besides(TE), high expectations from parents could also prevent children from involving in violence. In general, while peers have a tendency to encourage physical wrong doings among adolescents, parents are the ones who protect them from making mistakes that would harm their
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