Factors Influencing The Change Process

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Change is an important part of organizational life and is affected by a multitude of complex factors both within and without the organization. While numerous theories exist to explain the change process, the organization and leadership within an organization, the change process fails more often than not (Gilley, McMillan & Gilley, 2009). The purpose of this paper is to examine the factors limiting the change effort and how to transition to successful change.
Defining the change process in an organization is an important aspect in determining whether the change was successful and how the process can be improved. It is also important to understand why change is necessary. According to Goodstein and Burke (1999) the main reason organizations change is outside pressures and not because of internal factors. Weick and Quinn (1990) address the concept of inertia where tension arises between the organization’s desire to do nothing and the outside forces that pressure it to change. Additionally, the change process is complex and it does not happen in a linear form making it hard to see its beginning and end (Moran & Brightman, 1990). Because this change is often dictated by outside forces and because of the complexity of the change process, it makes it hard for organizations to complete the change process successfully. When organizations attempt to change one thing and expect everything else to change, it leads to failure in the change process. Schneider,…
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