Factors Influencing The Development Of A Child

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Contextual Information The present study is about the how family, in specific older siblings, affect young children in their emotional development. “The Contribution of Older Sibling’s Reactions to Emotions to Preschoolers’ Emotional and Social Competence” by Sawyer, Denham, DeMulder, Auerbach-Major, and Levitas (2002) explores the rates that affect preschoolers in different socio-emotional situations, depending on their interaction and relationship with their older siblings. According to previous research in the topic, family is the main influence on the development of the child. Siblings, in particular, are responsible to play a big role in how the child sees and behaves towards others (Dunn, 1983). Young children learn through games…show more content…
These differences are important for the development of the child because they show that the interactions with the siblings play a much more central role in the children’s life. The present study focuses on how the relationship between a child and their siblings modify and influence social-competence and emotional development on preschoolers. One of the main hypotheses of the study is that the reactions of the older sibling to the preschooler’s emotions would tell about the ability of the preschooler to describe and give causes to their emotions. The second hypothesis has to do with the ability of the preschoolers to be labeled as emotionally competent for the peers and teachers. Summary of the Findings The study conducted by Sawyer and peers consisted in six measures applied to a total of 41 children (23 boys and 18 girls), with a mean age of 45 months; their siblings, mean age of 79 months; their classroom peers; and finally their teachers. The first measure used was natural observation of the relationship between the child and his/her sibling in a free play situation. Next, each child was assessed on a task to identify emotional expressions, a task to interpret emotional situations, and a task to interpret emotions in different situations depicted by puppets. Later, every child participated on a sociometric task, where each child had to rate their peers
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