Factors Influencing The International Expansion Of Nigerian Banks

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As discussed earlier, research on the internationalisation of Nigerian firm’s is still under-explored and scant in the literature. In fact, few studies have research internationalisation phenomenon have studied it on the perspective of the banking sector (Amungo in Adeleye, White, & Boso, 2016, pp. 69-91), “examining the factors influencing the international expansion of Nigerian banks” finds that Nigerian banks internationalisation is influenced by home country regulations and the domestic competitive pressure, managerial intentionality and risk diversification. Similarly, Boojihawon and Acholonu (2013) on the study of “the internationalisation of African banks” shows that the consolidation and recapitalization program in the banking sector 2004 motives Nigerian banks embark on foreign expansion. This is an indication that SSA firms deserves a focus in the international business research, because of the region diversity in terms of resources, political systems, cultural diversity and economic structures (Initiative for Global Development and Dalberg Global Development, 2011).
As a result this study focus is on the motivation and patterns of Nigerian firm’s internationalisation. The open economic policies adopted in Nigeria in the early 2000,s created an opportunity for the Nigerian firms to emerge as large domestic firms to embark and become a regional player. This also strengthened the firms’ abilities to expand their operations beyond Nigeria, especially in the
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