Factors Influencing The Performance Of Bank 's Comprehensive Management

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Confirmatory factor analysis: “Confirmatory factor analysis is a type of structural equation modeling that deals specifically with measurement models, that is, the relationship between observed measures or indicators and latent variables or factors”(Brown, 2015). In this paper, the method of factor analysis is used to calculate the performance of bank 's comprehensive management. Factor analysis method is used to reduce the dimension of the method, named as a multivariate statistical analysis method. It is integrated into a small number of factors, in order to reproduce the original variables and the relationship between the factors, and then each component to a certain weight in order to calculate the comprehensive score. Choosing…show more content…
Because the four aspects of the nine indicators were reflected in the executive level of financial banks "profitability", "liquidity", "debt paying ability" and "growth" and on the performance of commercial bank comprehensive, general reflect. Net assets yield (X1) = net income / ( net assets of the beginning of the year) plus ( net assets at the end of year) /2] Earnings per share (X2) = net profit / circulation number of ordinary shares Liquidity ratio (X3) = current assets / current liabilities Loan to deposit ratio (x4) = total loans / deposits Loan ratio (x5) = bad loans / total loans Capital adequacy ratio (x6) = total capital / weighted risk assets Main business income growth rate (X7) = Main revenue growth of this year/ main income of previous year Net profit growth rate (x8) = net profit growth of this year / last year Total assets growth rate (x9) = total assets growth of the end of the year / the total assets of the previous year. Thus, this paper mainly studies the impact of bank ownership structure on business performance, but from the perspective of the actual operation of the bank, which considering that there is a certain relationship between the bank 's operating performance and the bank 's size and the capital structure, etc. While doing the regression analysis, the index of the bank firm size as the
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