Factors Influencing The Political Of Political Socialization

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Anna Curl May 19, 2015 Assignment Two 1. Discuss the factors that contribute to political socialization. Of these factors, which ones do you believe are the most influential over your own political socialization? Explain why by citing specific examples. Political socialization is the process by which people acquire political beliefs. This has many different sources of influence that build off of each other and are related. The more obvious of influences come from our environment, which are our home settings and social spheres. Family influences, such as parents and siblings, are based on the idea of communication and our need for their approval. Our social environment also influences us such as our education system and our peers.…show more content…
Political events and historical events additionally prove to impact political position, as generations past have encountered financial defeats, government achievement, and government failure that shape their political view. The political mood theory mirrors the steady changes and its pattern saying that legislative failure is trailed by a swing towards conservatism. In like manner, when the government is effective, there is swing towards liberal direction. 2. Go to gallup.com and find a public opinion poll that you would like to analyze. Discuss it in terms of what you have read and learned about public opinion polls, i.e. question, distribution, margin of error, etc. On gallup.com, an opinion poll was taken to compare the number of Americans who would choose the environment over energy development. With the influence of gas prices at an all time low, 49% of Americans said they prefer environmental protection but 39%, un-phased, said production of U.S. energy supplies were more important. The poll also noticed that democrats were more likely than republicans to prioritize the environment. Opinion polls are surveys of public opinions from particular samples, however polls based on samples of populations are liable to sampling error, which reflects the impacts of chance and uncertainty in the sampling process. The uncertainty is often

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