Factors Influencing The Positioning Of Crescent

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The first thing PDB need to do is positioning market, and to determine effective positioning strategy. Better positioning is not only to identify the product 's competitive advantage, but also to understand the degree of customer satisfaction on their product and the new desires. In addition, PDB need to understand every market segmentation, and the demand for each segment of the customers. In addition, in the market research PDB need to get better understanding about their competitors in order to determine the price and carry out promotional activities 2. What factors should influence the positioning of Crescent? Based on the case analysis, there are five factors…show more content…
Choosing a sports drink or an energy drink is inextricably linked to the age and sex of the customers.in addition, the sale of energy drinks with lower levels of caffeine and purer ingredients were rising due to consumer demand for healthier food and beverage choices, which shows that the consumers’ demand is changing based on their lifestyles. 1. At what segment should Crescent be targeted? According to the case: “Ryan determined that younger, health-conscious consumers who regularly consumed energy or sports beverages were prospects for Crescent.” Crescent should target the consumers who have healthy lifestyle with high income. The age of the group should to be 18~44. 5. What are the pros and cons of positioning Crescent as an energy drink, a sports drink, or a healthy organic beverage? The pros of energy drink: the market for energy drink was growing, and it will continue grown to around $13.5 billion by 2018. In addition, the revenue is larger than the sports drink in U.S.Moreover, energy drink is healthier due the less sugar in gradients that might easily attract consumer with high health-conscious. The cons of energy drink: media stories were highlighting the drinks’ alleged health risks that reduce the consumption of energy drink. The demand of energy drink is decreasing by caffeine issue. The pros of sports drink: the market size is continually

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