Factors Influencing The Sources Of Finance

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Sources of Finance in Business

Factors influencing the sources of finance being chosen by a business.

Costs involved in sourcing of finance to fund any business and services and recording them in financial statement.

Advantages and disadvantages of internal generated income with external sources of finance.


2.1 Discuss the cost card for the bike, ?Mount movers? and determine the least amount in $ to be accepted from a customer for a unit of this product.
2.2. Calculate the total profit and the sales value for 200 units of a bike, assuming the Iron Breakers Ltd has 25% mark-up policy.

2.3. Evaluate methods of controlling stock and cash in a business and services environment and prepare a bank reconciliation based on the above information as well as making any necessary corrections to the bank.

2.4. Advise ?Sweet hands? Ltd on the optimum z` (EOQ) of inventory needed to be ordered in order to maximise profit.

Task 3
3.1. Assess the source and structure of the trial balance and state the process for constructing a trial balance.

3.2 Prepare Income statement (Profit and Loss Accounts) for the year ended 31 March 2015 and Statement of financial position (Balance sheet) of Flying Flowers Ltd as at 31 March 2015 from its trial balance and the adjustments.`

3.3 Explain the importance of a cash budget to Life 4 Living Plc management.

3.4 Prepare a cash budget and advice…

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