Factors Influencing The Way Museum Collection

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The module leader Dr James Pardoe
Factors influencing the way museum collection is presented Assessment number 1622910 Module code HI7205

From temples of sacred objects, to repositories of colonial trophies, and from monuments of civility, to spaces for self-expression and empowerment, the shape, the function and the appeal of the museum trough history and across cultures has been fashioned by the preoccupations and expectations of each society that has chosen to construct them. Wondrous and monstrous, extraordinary and mysterious. Wonders of nature, culture and science-fruits and spoils of Renaissance age of discovery- found their way into European ‘cabinets of curiosity’ – those days collection included works of art, precious gems, outlandish fruits, four-footed beasts, an Indian lip-stone, blood that rained in the Isle of Wight, unicorn’s horns, dragons bones. Cabinets of exotic and rare objects were privately owned by collectors, often royal or aristocratic. Such cabinets demonstrated the owner’s wealth and prestige, on one hand, but on another level, their intention was to genuinely arouse curiosity and wonder. Then along came the Enlightenment and the French and American Revolutions. A new museum order responded to, and even served to make manifest, a new world order. Museums including Louvre, the British Museum and Peale’s Museum, began to open to the public from the mid to late 1700s. Previously private collections were converted into public exhibitions, an
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